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For a subtile sunkissed glow!

Most people use makeup to hide their blemishes and lines. Many myths and facts are circulating about whether it is good for the skin. Not only does this vary greatly from product to product, but it is also important to cleanse the skin properly after using makeup. This is because if you don't do this, it causes your pores to get clogged at some point. This can leave the skin in an even worse state.


Hannah Touch of Colour

Fortunately, there are also products developed that do not clog the skin so easily. Hannah has developed the Touch of Colour for this purpose. This product is not sold as a makeup product but as a finishing touch cream. You can compare it a bit to a bb or cc cream. These are often also lightly tinted and yet they contain good nourishing ingredients. The Touch of Colour contains silicone oils, which are good for regulating the moisture level in the skin. This will also keep the skin from becoming oily or dry.

The cream not only takes good care of the skin but also fills in fine lines and gives an optical effect of wrinkle reduction. This is due to the combination of ingredients used.

The touch of color is for every skin type and also adapts to skin tone. The ingredient Ronaflair flawless ensures this. It also gives the skin a beautiful bronzing effect. This will make the skin glow beautifully.

hannah touch of silk

De Touch-Family

If you have used hannah products before, the name touch might look familiar to you. This is because the Touch of Colour is also part of the well-known Touch family, which includes the Touch of Silk and Brilliant Touch. The Touch of Silk is more of a day cream, and the Brilliant Touch is an anti-aging cream. So the Touch of Colour is perfect to use after either of these products. This keeps the skin cared for and feeling comfortable all day.

Packaging of the Touch of Colour

The Touch of Colour belongs to the red line of hannah. Because of this, the cream also has red packaging to make it clear that the Touch of Colour belongs in this line. It is a pleasant size, but if you prefer to test the product once and do not want to buy a large bottle right away, you also have the 5 ml variant. This one is white with red letters and ideal for testing it out. This small size is also very nice to take with you when traveling. It hardly takes up any space, and often you don't need much product when you travel anyway. The larger variant is 30 ml and has a red appearance with white lettering and a silver cap. The Touch of Colour has an easy pump like many other hannah products. 


The structure of the Touch of Colour

When you press the pump, a fairly orange/brown cream comes out. This changes quickly when you spread the cream on the skin. On the photo, the cream still seems fairly orange, but in real life it was not that bad. The color adapts itself reasonably well to the skin. The smell is also nice and fresh and is not a typical foundation smell, but rather of a fresh cream. The Touch of Colour feels very light. You hardly feel that there is anything on your skin. I myself always find that very pleasant.



How to use the Touch of Colour

Make sure the skin is properly cleansed. Then you can use the products of the Red line, for a final optimal result. After the skin is well taken care of, you can apply the Touch of Colour to the skin. For if you have an open neck, you can also apply the cream to the neck and possibly include the cleavage as well. And tada you have a summer glow even when it's winter.