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hannah 4YOUth 30ml
4YOUth Magic becomes reality thanks to 4YOUth for immediate visible, tangible and long-lasting skin improvement on multiple fronts! This cream contains, among other things, the 4 advanced high-tech 'key-ingredients' Argireline, Ceracute®-F, Pullulan and vitamin C. The combination makes a unique synergistic fusion of volume improvement, collagen building and optimal moisture content in the deeper skin layers. These ingredients also have the ability to provide effective improvement in the superficial skin structures as well as relaxation and filling of fine lines and wrinkles. In this way it ensures a youthful, healthy condition and appearance. The benefits of 4YOUth: Reduces wrinkle depth Immediate and long-lasting skin-improving effect Relaxing effect on fine lines and wrinkles Improves the resistance of the skin Improves skin elasticity and tone How to use 4YOUth: Cleanse the skin with Cleansing oil or Cleansing milk Apply Vitamin Complex or Sparkling Spray as desired. Apply the 4YOUth cream thinly followed by an appropriate hannah cream. As a finishing touch, apply the Touch of Silk for a silky soft feeling. Tip: Very nice to use as an eye cream
hannah Active Dry 20ml
hannah Active Dry can be used effectively for repairing minor wounds, acne, herpes, moisture, and irritation blisters from, for example, the sun (sun allergy) or problems after shaving. Also, with papules, pustules, or inflammations, the moisture is absorbed, and the skin can start to recover. hannah active dry can also be used for problems after shaving, chicken pox, insect bites, or inflammation. Active dry absorbs moisture allowing the skin to recover. This immediately reduces swelling, as does the risk of infections. The purifying effect prevents further contamination. Also great for cold sores. The benefits of Active Dry: Purifying Drying Recovering Absorbent How to use Active Dry: After cleaning and peeling, shake first and then apply to the areas to be treated. Let it dry for a while and apply the recommended hannah cream  Use this product preferably in the evening because it remains visible on the skin.
hannah Active Lotion 125ml
hannah Active Lotion hannah's Active Lotion is a top product that stimulates blood circulation in the skin, promoting skin repair. hannah Active Lotion containing salicylic acid, alcohol, camphor, and menthol, in addition to increased blood circulation, also ensures intensive cleaning, disinfection, and peeling of your skin. Use hannah Active Lotion to care for acne, a greasy T-zone, coarse pores, a highly thickened stratum corneum, and aged skin. Benefits of Active Lotion: Intensively cleansing Peeling Degreasing Stimulates cell division This is how you use Active Lotion: After cleaning your skin with hannah Cleansing Milk, clean the problem areas firmly with a cotton ball with hannah Active Lotion. Take a new cotton ball with Active Lotion when you see that the cotton ball turns dark. Continue with this until the cotton ball remains clean. You work with more intensive pressure on problem areas. The lotion stimulates the skin and stimulates blood circulation. Intensive treatment with Active Lotion can cause the skin to flake. This indicates that the skin is well-thinned. Nourishing the skin well afterward is, therefore, essential. This is a therapeutic product, which requires an explanation from the skin coach.
hannah Asolution Serum 30ml
hannah Asolution Serum This serum is a perfect and mild alternative to Retinol (Vitamin A) and improves the skin in several ways. Retinol can irritate and redden the skin, and the use of Retinol should be done very carefully. However, this serum is safe for the skin but still has the same benefits. With the Asolution Serum, you have a safe and effective alternative to Retinol. The Asolution serum has been specially developed to make the skin firmer and more even. Therefore, this product ensures skin aging has less chance and contributes to an even complexion, extra vitality, and visible skin rejuvenation. In addition, impure skin benefits significantly from this product: it tackles acne and large pores and ensures that the skin looks fabulous, radiant, and fresh again. The benefits of Asolution Serum: Reduces wrinkle formation and fine lines Stimulates cell renewal Provides a robust recovery for (UV) damaged skin Improves the natural skin barrier and skin resistance Provides a healthier, more even complexion Has a brightening effect on, among other things, pigment spots and other skin discolorations Supports the treatment of acne and blemishes How to use Asolution Serum: Apply the Asolution Serum to cleansed skin. The Asolution Serum is a vibrant, economical product because of its concentrated composition. A few drops are already sufficient. Spread the serum over the face, neck and décolleté. Massage t, he serum until the skin completely absorbs it. The Asolution Serum works perfectly with the hannah Brilliant Touch: a face cream that, like the serum, ensures a radiant, beautiful, and even complexion. These two products reinforce each other and ensure optimal results. Of course, you can also apply your typical day or night care after the serum. So as you know, this serum is not suitable for use around the eyes. So, are you, in addition to the Asolution Serum, looking for good care for the skin around your eyes? Then take a look at hannah Juvi-Lite. Active substances The Hannah Asolution Serum contains the ingredient Granactive Retinoid. In combination with suitable actives, this active ingredient works just as well as vitamin A acid, which is usually only available with a prescription. However, the chance of skin irritation is much smaller with Granactive Retinoid. This ingredient counteracts fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, and leaves skin feeling firm yet soft. It also enhances the structure of the skin and ensures finer pores. In addition, pigmentations and skin discolorations are tackled by Granactive Retinoid, which provides precise, even, and healthy skin. In addition, the serum contains Ronacare AP. This ingredient protects the skin from UV radiation and other harmful external influences for a long time. This increases the skin's resistance and strengthens the skin's natural barrier. We would also like to tell you more about the Ronacare Serene Shield. This ingredient has won international awards and is a star in reducing inflammation in the skin, among other things. It also balances the skin and ensures healthy skin flora. It regulates an excess of sebum and ensures that sebum production decreases. Ronacare Serene Shield tackles acne at the base. As a result, the skin becomes more even, pores become less visible, and the skin looks fresh and radiant. In addition, the Asolution Serum contains several mild excipients, (vegetable) oils, and nourishing ingredients. Skin type: The Asolution Serum is suitable for sun-damaged skin with unwanted pigmentation, aging skin, and acne and impurities. This serum also helps restore the skin's volume and is, therefore, very suitable for mature skin that suffers from volume loss.
hannah Body Cream 500ml
hannah Body cream The creamy composition of this body cream has a high-quality, complete base of macadamia oil. This cream is rich in antioxidants and has calming and soothing properties for the skin. The added caffeine visibly firms the skin and acts as a substantial, hydrating antioxidant boost: the result, a smooth, firm, and resilient body skin. Benefits of Body Cream: The cream is rich in antioxidants Has soothing and softening properties Visibly firms the skin Leaves the body skin smooth, firm, and invigorated This is how you use the Body Cream: After showering, apply hannah Body Cream all over the body and massage it firmly.  
hannah Body Oil 45ml
hannah Body Oil hannah Body Oil is an intensively nourishing oil with macadamia oil as the main base, combined with argan oil. It gives a pleasant, relaxing effect, offers preventive protection against skin aging, and is very suitable for (very) dry skin. The velvety texture makes the skin appear healthy and shiny and, above all, feels super soft. The benefits of Body Oil: Intensively nourishing and moisturizing calming Soothing Protective Antioxidant effect To be used in combination with body massage How to use Body Oil: The Body Oil is highly suitable for use with (extremely) dry skin and relieving the body's eczema. Excellent to use during a body massage Can be applied to body skin twice daily for intense nourishment effect Excellent to combine with Body Cream
hannah Body Oil 500ml
hannah Body Oil Body Oil is an intensive nourishing oil; macadamia oil is the main base, combined with argan oil. It gives a soothing, relaxing effect, provides preventive protection against skin aging, and is very suitable for (very) dry skin. Its velvety texture leaves skin healthy and shiny for the day and, above all, feels incredibly soft. Benefits of Body Oil: Gives a relaxing effect Offers protection against skin aging Suitable for (very) dry skin Contains a velvety texture This is how you use Body Oil: After showering, hannah's Body Oil Apply all over the body and firmly massaged.
hannah Brilliant Touch 30ml
hannah Brilliant Touch In this day and age, when 'selfies' are the order of the day, everyone wants their picture taken with beautiful and glowing skin. Many use filters or apps on their smartphones or tablets to present themselves as economically as possible. With Brilliant Touch, all these filters and apps are now redundant! The formula of this unique product contains the white Diamond Core Powder Global Lumière. This luxurious powder provides an instant soft focus effect thanks to its light-reflecting impact. This immediately gives the skin a calm, apparent, and beautifully even appearance. The unique composition of Brilliant Touch is also intensively skin-improving in the long term for wrinkles and especially skin sagging. This is due to the addition of the high-tech active ingredient Progeline™. This advanced peptide is derived from Elafin, an enzyme-delaying drug that regulates the integrity of the extracellular skin matrix. Progeline™ consists of 3 high-quality amino acids. This combination effectively reduces the appearance of wrinkles and particularly effectively targets skin sagging/skin sagging (also known as “skin sagging”) at the core. The composition of Brilliant Touch also contains silicone oil, but in a lower concentration than Touch or Silk. This oil can immediately fill in minor imperfections and leave the complexion perfectly even and matted without any traces of grease. The result of this revolutionary product is brilliant in two ways! Brilliant Touch immediately provides an optically transparent and bright complexion and, in the longer term, a remarkable, intensive, complete remodeling effect of slackened and aging skin! The benefits of Brilliant Touch: Fills fine lines Reduces skin sagging Brightens the complexion Powerful skin cell renewal Fights wrinkles and fine lines An immediate soft focus effect for an even and smooth skin How to use Brilliant Touch: For an immediately smooth and clear complexion for customers who want to look optimally groomed without make-up. Excellent to combine with products from the Red Line for even more intensive skin regeneration. Finally, apply the cream to the face, neck and décolleté Tips: Ideal as an alternative to make-up and also has a primer function for foundation, which makes make-up even better on the skin Excellent for men, for example, to use after shaving for smooth skin without irritations
hannah Cell Active 45ml
hannah Cell-Active causes a strong blood flow in your skin and gives an intensive oxygen impulse. After a few minutes, a pleasant warm glow is created, promoting oxygen supply and active ingredient transport. This results in skin improvement of a possibly reduced blood flow. The latter is significant for healthy and especially radiant skin. Cell Active can be used in skin improvement and care, such as sallow, impure, and flaky skin. It is also a blood circulation-promoting product, improving and rejuvenating the skin. Where there is no blood circulation, the skin should be massaged extra. The unique active ingredients are also highly effective in combating cellulite. Cell Active is also an ideal product for the lasting preservation of a beautiful and youthful cleavage, a firm neckline, and body skin. After two weeks (using 2x a day) in combination with the hannah 24-hour Skin Balancing, you will quickly achieve excellent results! The benefits of Cell Active: Promotes blood circulation Increases oxygen uptake Increases the absorption of active ingredients Complexion enhancing Cell renewing Intensively skin-improving Removing blockages How to use Cell Active: You use Cell Active on well-cleaned and prepared skin. Massage hannah Cell Active until you feel an itch and wait for redness of the skin to appear. At first, it may be a patchy redness. Where skin circulation is not complete, there are often signs of skin aging or skin problems. After Cell Active, apply Vitamin Complex for an extra intense effect. To further intensify the effect of hannah Cell Active, a warm compress can be applied for a few seconds. This is a therapeutic product, which requires an explanation from the skin coach.
hannah Cell Recovery Cream 65ml
hannah Cell Recovery Cream Cell Recovery significantly improves the fat-moisture balance in the skin. The betaine creates a fat film on the skin, reducing moisture loss, and the oils ensure a natural penetration of the skin's fats. This brings the natural ratio between moisture and grease in the skin back into balance. Especially the mature, dry, and dehydrated skin gets a strong base with this rich, ointment-like cream, so that skin aging slows down considerably. Cell Recovery Cream is also an ideal solution for eczema skin. This cream can also be used as a mask. The benefits of Cell Recovery Cream: Contributes to skin regeneration Protective pH-regulating Resistance increasing Moisture Retaining Activates natural skin repair This is how you use the hannah Cell Recovery Cream Apply hannah Cell Recovery Cream after cleansing and the Vitamin Complex spray This cream can also be used as a mask. Apply thickly to pre-treated skin, leave to act for 20 minutes,s and massage in. Remove the residue with a warm microwave compress and apply the Clear Sparkling Spray. This cream is also very suitable during winter and water sports as an intensive boost.

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hannah Enzymatic Skin Peeling 65ml

hannah Enzymatic Skin Peeling is a mild, but very effective, peeling that can also be used for the delicate skin around the eyes, neck and décolletage.


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