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hannah sun protection for the face

A well-considered degree of sun protection is indispensable for maintaining beautiful and especially healthy skin and to prevent pigmentation. Limit the harmful effects of sunlight with hannah sun protection. The best sun protection for every skin type.

Bescherming tegen de zon met hannah sun perfection



Sun protection

The hannah house also focuses on sun protection from hannah to keep your skin in optimal condition. Using the added filters purpose, skin type, skin problem, target group and product type, you can find sun protection that suits your needs and desires. Our assortment consists of different types of products: skin protection and lip care in different quantities. Will you soon be going on (sun) vacation and are you looking for a suitable sunscreen from hannah? Then you've come to the right place at the hannah house!

Take for example the hannah Fade Treatment 60ml. This sunscreen is suitable for skin type III-IV (SPF 10). This is actually the tinted to dark skin. This skin type often tans quickly and almost never burns. This does not mean that you do not need to use sunscreen, because this skin also deserves protection from the sun. In addition, this skin is very prone to the formation of skin discolouration and pigmentation. Do you want to counteract this? Then this is an ideal cream with a low degree of protection where liquorice ensures that this is counteracted.

Do you have sensitive skin? A light to tinted skin is considered sensitive skin and the hannah High-Quality 60ml ensures that your skin is well protected. This sunscreen exerts a regenerating influence on the skin by the addition of vitamin A and horse chestnut. This makes your skin feel firmer. You apply the cream with light massaging movements.

The hannah house has thought of all types of skins. This means that the hannah Juvi Protect 60ml is suitable for people with very light to fair skin. This skin type requires a sun protection with a high protection factor because this skin burns quickly and does not or hardly discolour.