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hannah shower and bath products

Do you suffer from dry skin? Especially during the cold winter months? Excellent shower and bath products are essential. Using good shower and bath products ensures a good moisture balance in your skin. This makes your skin softer and gives it a natural look.

The hannah shower and bath products are high-quality to give your skin the best care.

Shower Treatment

Who doesn't love a warm bath or refreshing shower to take away all the stress of the day? And it doesn't have to be long, so for hard-working career women and men, busy mothers and fathers, and all other busy bees, there is no excuse not to enjoy a well-deserved bath or energy-restoring shower at the end of the day.

Those who go for top quality and excellent care will find the hannah Shower Treatment well worth their while. Shower Treatment is a rich, soothing, and intensively caring shower oil that restores the skin's lipid layer. It is a hannah bath product that is highly suitable for sensitive, dry, or dehydrated skin.

Structural skin improvement with hannah shower and bath products

Shower and bath products can be counted among skin care products designed primarily to give the skin a softer and smoother appearance. But hannah's skin care products do more: they aim for visible, effective, and structural skin improvement. This applies not least to shower and bath products. The hannah shower and bath products, such as the Shower Treatment, have soybean oil as their main base. This is a vital source of antioxidants that significantly improves skin health. Soybean oil has been proven to be very effective in keeping the skin young and healthy. Because of the added calendula, the Shower Treatment works skin soothing, stabilizes pH levels, and acts as an anti-inflammatory and cleansing agent.