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hannah facial lotion

For many women, a moisturizing face lotion is an indispensable part of their beauty regime. But what exactly is the effect of a face lotion? And does one facial lotion differ from another or not?

There are different types of facial lotions to choose from, according to the needs of your skin. The active ingredients of a facial lotion are usually humectants, such as glycerin and lactic acid, which help the skin attract water and retain moisture. Other emollients, such as fatty acids and ceramides, soothe and calm. A face lotion may also contain occlusives: ingredients such as petrolatum, lanolin or dimethicone, which leave a film on the surface of the skin and act as a moisture barrier.

A good face lotion often contains a combination of humectants, emollients and occlusives, so it's easiest to choose a moisturizing face lotion based on your skin type: oily or acne-prone skin, sensitive skin, dry or mature skin. Choices galore, right? But sometimes you can't see the forest for the trees. Was finding the right facial lotion always a challenge for you? The series of hannah facial lotion products will put an end to your search.

Better circulation with hannah facial lotion: Active Lotion

A top product in the series of hannah facial lotions is Active Lotion, which stimulates the blood circulation in the skin. This promotes skin repair. Active Lotion also cleanses and exfoliates your skin intensively. This hannah facial lotion can be used to treat acne, rough skin, an oily T-zone and a thickened horny layer. This face lotion is also excellent for aging skin.

Nourish and hydrate with hannah facial lotion: Cream & Hydrate

Your face will benefit if you pat the skin dry after showering (do not rub) and then immediately moisturize. A moisturizing hannah facial lotion is an absolute must. For example, the Cream & Hydrate facial lotion is perfect for nourishing and hydrating your skin. This hannah facial lotion is a combination of 24 hour skin balancing with vitamin complex. The vitamin complex in combination with the 24-hour skin balancing ensures that vitamins A, D, E, F and K are immediately absorbed by the skin. The optimal hydration of your skin as a result of the vitamin complex means that you will need significantly less cream afterwards.