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hannah SPF10

Applying sunscreen is one of the essential anti-aging measures for your skin. You may not get sunburned quickly if you belong to skin types III-IV tinted to dark skin. However, sunlight can cause uneven pigmentation, such as birthmarks and vitiligo. The hannah Fade Treatment is a sunscreen SPF10 that provides a relatively low level of protection from UV rays but effectively combats hyperpigmentation.

UV radiation reaches the earth in the form of UVB and UVA rays. UVB radiation is the leading cause of sunburn and plays a key role in the formation of skin cancer. UVA rays not only accelerate skin aging but also contribute to the development of skin cancer. A good sunscreen can protect against this.

Sunscreen SPF10 for dark skin

The degree of protection provided by a sunscreen usually ranges from SPF2 to SPF50. The term SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. An SPF2 means that 50% of UVB rays are blocked. If you buy sunscreen SPF10, 90% of UVB rays are blocked. Those with tinted to dark skin (skin types III-IV) tan very quickly and generally do not get sunburned as rapidly. A sunscreen SPF10 is then more than sufficient. It protects against uneven pigmentation and skin discoloration, conditions to which people with skin types III-IV are relatively sensitive.

Sunscreen SPF10: the hannah Fade Treatment

Fade Treatment is a unique sunscreen SPF10 from hannah, especially for people with tinted to dark skin. Because of the predisposition to form skin discolorations and pigmentation, while a relatively low level of sunburn protection is sufficient, hyperpigmentation should also be effectively countered. In addition, the licorice contained in the hannah Fade Treatment counteracts the formation of pigmentation and skin discoloration.

Combine for better results

In addition to pigmentation, this skin type also suffers from increased moisture loss through the epidermis and a disrupted barrier function. Not for nothing is the hannah sunscreen SPF10 ideal for people with this skin type: the added niacinamide counteracts moisture loss and disrupted barrier function. The sunscreen SPF10 can be combined with the hannah Enzymatic Skin Peeling, the hannah Cell-Active, and the hannah Oxys Genes for faster and better results.