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hannah night cream

Your skin has to deal with stress and pollution on a daily basis. As a result, it can lose its elasticity and firmness. At night, when you sleep, your skin absorbs all essential nutrients. Therefore, applying a night cream before you go to bed is recommended. The Personal Choice and Oxys Genes are each unique hannah night creams that replenish lost nutrients and dramatically reduce the aging process.

A night cream can have different effects: a deep nourishing, ultra-hydrating and restorative effect. Often a night cream contains a higher degree of emollients, so they can also be moisturizing to a higher degree than a day cream.

A night cream can be sensitive to UV rays.

A night cream also has an anti-aging, firming, anti-wrinkle and lifting effect. Such a night cream often contains ingredients that accelerate the replacement of old skin cells with new ones and reduce the appearance of age spots, fine lines and wrinkles. However, these ingredients can increase skin sensitivity. Skin sensitivity can increase when exposed to UV rays. This is one of the reasons why an anti-aging night cream is not exposed to the sun. An anti-aging night cream may also contain higher levels of active ingredients because it is specifically intended for use at night.

Less wrinkle formation with hannah night cream

As we age, skin cells become less active and cell division proceeds more slowly. The consequences are obvious: our skin ages, looks less vital and the first wrinkles appear. The process of wrinkle formation can, however, be treated with a good night cream. Personal Choice, a unique hannah night cream, contains an ingredient that is extracted from the Okra plant and is extremely effective as an anti-aging agent. Furthermore, the active ingredients obtained from brown algae have an anti-inflammatory effect. The ingredients of this hannah night cream also provide a unique DNA protection against harmful sunlight and stress. Do you have an acne-prone skin, then the hannah night cream Personal Choice is an excellent choice.

A hannah night cream with oxygen boost

Just as unique is the Oxys Genes, a hannah night cream that gives the skin an intensive oxygen boost. Oxygen is necessary for proper cell metabolism of our skin and healthy cell renewal. The result is a healthier, firmer, more resilient, noticeably fresher and more radiant skin. The added plant ceramides in this hannah night cream are also able to minimize aging symptoms due to excessive UV radiation.