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hannah emulsion

Within the cosmetics world, the role of the peacekeeper is fulfilled by the emulsifier. It brings together two liquids, which usually do not mix well, into a highly workable substance: an emulsion. For example, sensitive Skin Lotion is an emulsion in which different liquids work perfectly together to soothe your skin and visibly refine its pores!

In the world of cosmetics, the emulsion is a general term. Most lotions and creams are emulsions. Mix two liquids that don't usually go together well, and you have an emulsion. Fortunately, oil and water get along well. And these are often the main liquids used in skin care products.

Sensitive Skin Lotion: unique hannah emulsion

A mixture becomes an emulsion when one liquid is dispersed as droplets in the other. The trick is to keep both ingredients mixed for longer than a few minutes. This requires a third ingredient that acts as a peacekeeper and keeps the emulsion permanent. Several elements do this. We call them emulsifiers. There are several emulsifiers used within the cosmetics world.

In addition to skincare lotions and creams, emulsions are also used to make hair conditioners, sunscreens, makeup products, and much more. One unique product, where an emulsion has been obtained using an emulsifier, is the Sensitive Skin Lotion. This hannah emulsion contains high-quality ingredients, aiming for a visible skin improvement.

hannah emulsion with a calming effect

The hannah Sensitive Skin Lotion is a specially developed hannah emulsion, which increases the resistance of the natural protective layer of your skin. The active ingredients in this emulsion calm the skin and visibly refine the structure of your pores. Sensitive Skin Lotion is a hannah emulsion available as a refreshing, highly soft alcohol-free lotion with which you can cleanse your entire skin. This hannah emulsion is best used after the hannah Cleansing Milk. Applying the Sensitive Skin Lotion to your hands and massaging your face with it is also possible. The soothing effect of this unique hannah emulsion can be felt immediately. This emulsion is also very suitable as an eye compress.