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hannah facial mask

Easy to apply, fun to use, and good results are synonymous with a face mask. A suitable face mask can help hydrate your skin, remove excess sebum and improve the appearance of your pores. A hannah face mask is the perfect skin care treatment, allowing you to recreate the luxurious feeling of a spa in the comfort of your own home!

Each hannah facial mask has significant skin improvement and rejuvenation due to improved blood circulation. The natural ratio between moisture and fat comes back into balance.

Each hannah facial mask is unique.

The active mask is a unique hannah facial mask that purifies the skin and stimulates circulation, resulting in a better supply of oxygen and nutrients. All skin conditions can use this facial mask. Those who have gone sunbathing or suffer from skin irritations should use another unique hannah face mask: Hydro Balancing Mask. This will allow your skin to regain sufficient moisture, resulting in an improved skin condition. The Hydro Balancing Mask face mask calms your skin and visibly refines your pores.

Both cream and facial mask

Another unique product is the hannah Cell Recovery Cream, a cream that can also be used as a face mask. This product is mainly for mature, dehydrated skin. The facial mask significantly slows skin aging, reduces moisture loss, and creates a fatty film. The Cell Recovery Cream is an ideal solution if you suffer from eczema skin. This hannah face mask is best applied after cleansing.

Cell Active, a highly effective hannah facial mask

Anyone needing an intensive oxygen boost and an improvement in the oxygenation of active ingredients will benefit from hannah Cell Active. The unique active ingredients of this face mask are also intended to combat cellulite. This special hannah face mask is also very practical with sallow, flaky, blemished skin. Regular use of Cell Active results in a firm neckline, a youthful cleavage, and beautiful body skin.

Cleansing Clay, deep cleansing

hannah Cleansing Clay isis a deep cleansing face mask that intensively cleans the skin yet leaves it soft and mild. Thanks to combining the clay types kaolin and bentonite, impurities, excess sebum, and other waste products are effectively removed. Cleansing Clay facial mask ensures radiant, healthy, and vital skin!