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Is a cleansing oil just as good - or even better - for your skin than regular soap? Can people who have oily skin use the product? Doesn't the oil clog your pores? With the unique hannah cleansing oil, you don't have to worry about all these issues.

A cleansing oil uses the "good" oil in your skin to remove the "bad" oils. Regardless of skin type, cleansing oil blends in with the pre-existing oils on your face. Some of these oils can be naturally produced sebum (a fatty substance produced by sebaceous glands), but they can also come from makeup and other products. When using a cleansing oil, when you rinse off, the "good" oil takes all the "bad" oils and dirt with it.

No clogged pores with hannah cleansing oil

When you massage cleansing oil into the skin, the oils in the cleanser bind to impurities and pull dirt out of the pores without clogging them. After you rinse your face, your skin is left clean, soft and hydrated. The hannah cleansing oil therefore does not clog your pores, as it only removes impurities. The cleansing oil is then rinsed away along with these impurities.

With hannah cleansing oil, your skin remains in balance

A large proportion of oil-free cleansers unfortunately remove your skin's natural oils, upsetting the balance and causing your skin to produce oil to rebalance it completely. However, overproduction of your natural oils can lead to problematic skin. The hannah cleansing oil keeps the existing pH balance of the skin in balance and prevents the skin's oil production from becoming overloaded. Moreover, essential oils are naturally antibacterial. Cleansing oil also contains antioxidants and anti-aging ingredients, which improve the texture and appearance of your skin.

Hydrophilic hannah cleansing oil is also ecologically responsible

The hannah cleansing oil is a hydrophilic and ecologically responsible oil with pure vegetable soybean oil as its base, which is known to have excellent cleansing properties. Hydrophilic means that the oil can be mixed with water, without foaming. The cleansing oil is also rich in various antioxidants. The hannah cleansing oil cleanses the skin mildly and effectively, removes impurities without adversely affecting the skin's barrier and does not leave a greasy film after cleansing.