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Couperose is a common condition characterized by the presence of numerous dilated red and/or blue blood vessels on the face. These mar the skin because the superficial blood vessels have become weakened, causing them to dilate and become more noticeable.

Skin with couperose is extremely sensitive and can be perceived as disturbing, but thanks to hannah's products, there are plenty of options for taking optimal care of this skin.

hannah huidverzorging voor couperose

hannah care for skin with rosacea

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It is very important for any skin to apply proper care, but possibly even more crucial for skins struggling with couperose. By using appropriate products, the problem can be prevented from worsening and the skin may even potentially improve by using appropriate products. Within this article we will discuss in more detail the necessary care of skin with rosacea and will indicate which products we recommend for this specific skin type.

What is meant by rosacea?

Couperose refers to a dermatological condition in which there are clearly visible red and/or blue dilated blood vessels on the face. These symptoms occur mainly in persons who are generally over 30 years of age. In this case, the superficial blood vessels in the skin have weakened, causing them to expand and become more prominent. There are several causes that can contribute to the development of couperose, such as age, heredity, excessive exposure to sunlight and consumption of alcoholic beverages. People with fair skin also have a higher risk of this condition. The dilated vessels can cause symptoms such as burning, tingling, tingling or itching. These disappear temporarily when pressure is applied, but then increase in visibility again.

Don'ts with couperose

There are two factors that have significant influence on worsening rosacea that are within one's control: sunlight and alcohol consumption. Both factors result in increased dilation of blood vessels. It is extremely important not to be exposed to sunlight unprotected with this skin condition. In addition, excessive consumption of alcohol is strongly discouraged, as it can aggravate the skin condition.

Care of skin with couperose

Adequate care begins with proper cleansing. Skin with couperose falls under the category of "very sensitive skin" and should be treated accordingly. Cleansing this type of skin requires caution and mild products. A cleansing milk or oil is well suited for this skin condition.

After thorough cleansing, it is essential to use a moisturizer. Creams with nourishing properties and protective elements are great for this particular skin type.

To add even more care, a serum can also be used to soothe the skin and reduce redness.

The use of a cream mask is highly recommended for this skin type. Such masks do not dry up, as for example clay masks do, but rather soak into the skin to intensely hydrate it and give it a real boost. The hannah Hydro Balancing Mask is an excellent choice and provides optimal moisture, resulting in soft, supple and well-hydrated skin.

As mentioned earlier, sun protection is extremely important. Rubbing the skin with appropriate sun protection before exposing it to the sun is crucial to prevent exacerbation of couperose.

Skin with couperose is extraordinarily sensitive and can be perceived as disturbing, but thanks to hannah's products, there are plenty of options for taking optimal care of this skin.