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hannah Spray

A good facial spray, especially when combined with a moisturizer, creates a layer of hydration on the skin that can last all day. It can revive a tired face and make up can look like new again. Sparkling Spray is a hannah facial spray that gives your skin's moisture an extremely powerful boost and a healthy, radiant sparkle.

A long flight or a tiring day can leave marks on your skin. Airplanes and office buildings often circulate dry and stale air, which does not benefit your skin. A facial spray can help give your skin a rejuvenated look and restore its pH balance. The hannah Sparkling Spray face works matifying, does away with excess shine and gives your skin an even, fresh and well cared for appearance. Moreover, the facial spray can be used both before and after applying makeup: your makeup will remain fresh all day!

Improved protection with facial spray

With a face spray you can strengthen the skin's defense against environmental pollution. In the hannah facial spray several antioxidants such as vitamin C are added, providing increased protection against harmful external influences. In combination with other high-quality ingredients, the neutralized aniseed in the facial spray provides an optimal preparation for the other natural hannah skincare products. The exceptionally high content of Aloe Vera in the Clear Sparkling facial spray ensures an improved transport of essential ingredients in the other skin improvement products from hannah.

Baby-soft skin thanks to hannah facial spray

The hannah facial spray soothes sunburned skin. Even after a day at the beach, the hannah facial spray is ideal for cooling down. It is recommended to thoroughly apply the hannah facial spray to your skin after cleansing your face. Then wait until your face is dry and apply your favorite hannah day or night cream. The moisture is thus, as it were, "locked up" and that provides better hydration for your skin. Incidentally, a good facial spray also makes for baby-soft skin. To achieve this, you can apply the hannah facial spray before any other layer, such as your day cream, night cream, primer or makeup.