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hannah cleansing milk

Of the many skin care products we have to be thankful for, cleansing milk is high on the list. Cleansing milk rids your face of dirt and grease daily, allows you to apply a new layer of makeup, and gives your skin a chance to breathe and renew itself. The hannah cleansing milk is a hydrophilic (water soluble) milk, which cleans intensively, rinses easily, and leaves your skin silky smooth.

Cleansing milk consists of soothing ingredients that do not disturb the skin's natural pH. Especially if you have susceptible skin, it is essential to soothe the skin during the cleansing process. The hannah cleansing milk contains the right ingredients for cleansing, soothing, and calming. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin, the hannah cleansing milk prevents it from drying out and leaves even the most irritated skin feeling comfortable.

Gentle and clean

When you have been wearing makeup all day or have exposed your skin to natural elements such as the sun and wind, the need for a thorough cleansing at the end of the day is often significant. Using good cleansing milk is then an essential step in the process of relaxing and rejuvenating. The hannah cleansing milk ensures that makeup, dirt, and grease are removed and moisturized simultaneously. In addition, this wonderfully soft cleansing milk thoroughly cleanses your skin without irritating it.

Right choice with hannah's cleansing milk

Your skin has natural sebum, which should maintain its softness, elasticity, and hydration. The wrong cleansing milk can violate the skin's natural barrier. This can lead to skin irritation and reduced defenses, resulting in acne. So, always choose cleansing milk that works best for your skin type. For example, rich, moisturizing cleansing milk is ideal for dry, dehydrated, or mature skin. For acne-prone and oily skin, an oily cleansing cream is less suitable. With the hannah cleansing milk, you are right. The hannah cleansing milk is so gentle that it is ideal for virtually all skin types, from dry to even the most sensitive.