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hannah Specials

hannah also offers several specials to make your hannah experience even better!

hannah Lip Touch 4,8gr
hannah Lip Touch 4.8 gr Lip Touch has been specially developed to counteract the loss of volume of the lips. In addition, it effectively tackles dry and chapped lips. In addition to the soothing and smoothing effect, the combination of carefully coordinated ingredients stimulates the production of collagen and restores the volume of the lips. The added and proven effective Akosky KISS improves, nourishes and protects the skin of the lips in an intensively firming way. The silky balm texture provides noticeably more suppleness, moisture recovery and compactness of the lip skin. This results in fuller, beautifully shiny and touchable lips The benefits of hannah Lip Touch: Stimulates collagen production Evens out the skin texture Intensively moisturizing and nourishing Immediately a pleasant skin feeling Protective against moisture loss Volume up Firming How to use hannah Lip Touch: Use the Lip Touch as a daily product, applying several times a day if necessary. Please note, do not use it if you have a Macadamia nut allergy. View the product leaflet below
hannah compress cloth
hannah Compress cloth for fresh skin! Dirt and make-up residues build up in the pores during the day. By using a microwave compress cloth during cleaning, you give the skin an optimal cleaning and an extra hydration boost. Because you heat the damp cloth in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds and then cover your face with it, you clean the skin intensively and in depth. The microwave compress gives off instant steam, which your skin will thank you for. It is also ideal for hands and décolleté. Benefits of Kompress cloth: Provides an intensive cleansing of the skin The skin gets an extra moisture boost Ensures better absorption of active ingredients from care products Tip: always test the heat of the compress on the inside of your hands or under the chin before applying it to the face. Size: 52x31 cm
Face Sponges black - 2 pieces
Face Sponges black - 2 pieces These sponges clean gently, effectively and are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Made for everyday use. Removes make-up, dirt, face masks, blemishes and excess oils. Deeply cleanses the pores and lightly exfoliates the skin. Clean the sponges regularly in soapy water with warm water. Note: these black sponges can give off some black color when rinsing the first time. Tip: therefore, make them well wet with water before use and rinse them well.
hannah spatula
hannah spatula With the hannah spatula you apply your skin care products in a hygienic way. The hannah spatula can be used with the hannah Enzymatic Skin Peeling and the hannah Cleansing Clay.
hannah skincare book
hannah skincare book Is my skin healthy enough? How does my skin stay young and vital? Everyone asks themselves these questions. Beautiful, healthy skin is a valuable but also a vulnerable asset. But if you maintain your skin the right way, you will look younger and, above all, beautiful for longer. Plus, it makes you feel more confident and more youthful! Every skin needs maintenance to maintain a good appearance. In “Give your skin a chance,” Hannah Hakze provides insightful skin improvement and skincare directions. In addition, some tips prevent the aging of the skin. “Many people shower daily, brush their teeth, comb their hair, and then it stops. But more is needed to keep the skin healthy, beautiful, and youthful. Your skin remains beautiful, vital and energetic with the right advice and good daily care," says Hannah. 'Give Your Skin a Chance' shows you how to look and feel great while doing it. The book is convenient, so you can start immediately with the new approach to taking care of your skin. This makes this book an asset that you will enjoy.
hannah Hand Sanitizer 300ml
Hand Sanitizer We come into contact with millions of bacteria every day. It is, therefore, essential to clean your hands regularly. hannah Hand Sanitizer is a disinfecting hand gel that offers the proper protection against bacteria.This gel disinfects the hands without having to rinse your hands with water. It helps maintain the skin's natural moisture and eliminates 99.99% of the most common germs, such as bacteria, yeasts, fungi, and certain viruses. Suitable for daily hand hygiene. Use as often as needed. Apply a small dose (3ml) of gel to dry hands. Rub the gel well on the hands, wrists, around the nails, and between the fingers for 30 seconds or until the product is dehydrated.
hannah Mask Brush
With this hannah mask brush you can easily apply the Enzymatic Skin Peeling or Cleansing clay!
hannah Shoulder Toiletry Bag
hannah Shoulder Toiletry Bag Take your hannah care products with you in this luxurious shoulder toiletry bag. This toiletry bag has an opening at the top and is also equipped with a handy shoulder strap.