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hannah peeling

Almost any skin problem improves by adding a peel to the skincare routine. From aging skin with wrinkles to acne-prone skin to skin with impurities to skin with hyperpigmentation.

By exfoliating your face and skin, you stimulate cell renewal and remove dead skin cells and blemishes. Result: an even & radiant skin!

De enzymatic skin peeling voor een milde maar effectieve peeling
hannah Primum Elixer 125ml
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hannah peeling

The assortment of The hannah House consists of various peeling products. Using the added filters' purpose, skin type, skin problem, target group, and product type, you can find the peeling products that match your needs and desires. All peeling products are designed to remove dead skin cells from your skin and also reduce unwanted pigment changes, wrinkles, scars, acne, and irregularities.

The acids in a peel slacken the cohesion between the corneocytes (stratum corneum cells), causing accelerated exfoliation of the stratum corneum. In addition, the acids stimulate the new formation of collagen fibers. This increases the tone of the supporting tissue. Perhaps most importantly, your skin's elasticity is improved, and the skin is better able to retain its moisture. 

Emulsion refers to peels in the form of creams, such as the hannah Enzymatic Skin Peeling and hannah Scrub Plus. There is a slight difference between these two creams. Enzymatic Skin Peeling aims to exfoliate your skin twice a week. In contrast, the Scrub Plus is designed for exfoliating the entire body. Both peeling products apply with firm, circular motions. This removes dead skin cells from the skin. Have you used a particular peeling product? Then you can remove it with water or in the face with a lovely warm hannah compress cloth.

Handy to know: at first, a red color will appear on your skin when using peeling products. Depending on the product type, this will disappear after a few hours. A pink color may be visible on your skin for weeks with deeper peels.