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Identify your skin type for the perfect care

Every skin is unique. To provide you with the best advice and appropriate skin care products, it is important to understand the characteristics of your skin. The classification of our skin types is based on the levels of fat and moisture in the skin. Discover the different skin types here:

All Skin Types

This category covers all possible skin types.

Normal Skin

My skin feels incredibly smooth and velvety. I have a glowing complexion that gives me a radiant look. If you look closely, you can see my pores, but they are subtle in size and certainly not too large.

Oily Skin

My skin shows a shiny appearance, mainly concentrated on my forehead, nose and chin. My pores appear to have enlarged and my skin feels thick and rough in places.

Impure Skin

I suffer from acne which makes pimples and blackheads visible on my skin.

Dry Skin

My skin is naturally fragile and has low sebum production. As a result, my skin is easily red, irritated and flaky.

Sensitive Skin

My skin often experiences irritation and regularly feels parched. I face itching, redness and flaky areas.

Dehydrated Skin

My skin feels tense and tight, characterized by tiny wrinkles that gently mark the surface of my skin.

Aged Skin

My skin shows reduced resilience and I notice signs of aging such as pigmentation and/or wrinkles appearing.

Young Skin

My skin is beautifully even and I am free of sagging or dry/flaky patches.