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hannah Vitamin Complex 200ml

hannah Vitamin Complex

Vitamin Complex is an intensive moisture care for the skin with skin-specific vitamins. Aging means loss of moisture in the skin. The natural vitamins A, D, E, F, and K in this unique spray can overcome this. These vitamins are absorbed directly by your skin. They are the only vitamins that can penetrate the skin and reach your deeper skin layers to provide extra vitality. Due to the optimal hydration of your skin from the Vitamin Complex, your skin needs significantly fewer creams afterwards.

When used daily after cleansing and before applying your recommended hannah cream, Vitamin Complex gives your skin a refreshed and comfortable feeling and a beautiful and striking radiant complexion.

hannah Vitamin Complex is available in a spray bottle (125ml) and refill pack (200ml). So that you know, the refill pack does not have a spray cap. This vial can be used to (refill) the 125ml variant or can be used on a cotton pad and then applied.

The benefits of Vitamin Complex:

  • Provides extra vitality
  • Reduces moisture loss
  • Provides intensive instant hydration and nourishment to the skin

How to use Vitamin Complex:

  • For daily use after cleansing and before applying cream, spray and massage the face.
  • Spray and massage in Vitamin Complex between each layer of cream.
  • The Vitamin Complex spray instantly gives the skin a comfortable and refreshed feeling and provides a remarkably radiant complexion.
  • This unique spray forms a refreshing multivitamin cocktail for the skin!


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