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Do I need a special hannah eye cream?

hannah's vision of skin care is that skin is the same everywhere. Whether that skin is on your buttocks or on your cheeks. Although each area of skin may have specific needs, the structure of the skin layers remains the same everywhere (except on your palms, soles of your feet and lips).

So it's not just about what products you use, but also how and why you use them. What skin desire do you want to achieve or what skin problem do you want to address.

If you want to give the skin around your eyes some extra attention discover the three hannah products that are very suitable for use around the eyes. These products are not special and only for the eyes but you can also apply them to (other parts of) the face. Win-win!

hannah 4YOUth

Use this cream for relaxing and filling in fine lines around the eyes.

hannah Juvi-Lite

Use this cream for a firming and lifting effect around the eyes.

hannah Oxys Genes

Gives the skin around the eyes an oxygen boost and reduces dark circles.