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What to do against eczema?

Eczema is an annoying disease of the skin which can be treated. But what can you do against eczema? In this blog we would like to tell you more about eczema and how the products of hannah can help fight eczema. With the right products, you can effectively combat the symptoms and get back to life without itching and skin irritations.

What does eczema mean?

Eczema is not a single skin disease alone. It is a collection of multiple conditions that can develop on your skin. It causes an inflammatory reaction that results in red patches and flakes on your skin. As a result, you will suffer from itching, and the symptoms do not look pleasant. The hannah house sells several products to treat the symptoms of eczema effectively. Good skin care is at the foundation of healthy skin. hannah's products are the answer to "what to do about eczema?".

What is the best treatment for eczema?

For a good treatment of eczema, you can make good use of the hannah products. In our webshop you will find, among others, hannah cleansing oil, hannah cleansing clay, hannah sparkling spray and hannah skin conditioner. These are different products you can use to cleanse and care for your skin. Cleansing and the care afterwards are crucial for healthy skin. By using the hannah products on a regular basis you will notice that the eczema symptoms diminish. The products are formulated with great care from natural ingredients. 


What cream is best for eczema?

Besides using good cleansers, it is important to also use a good nourishing cream. Within the hannah assortment there are a number of good creams that are perfect for this purpose. First Aid, Clearity Cream and Cell Recovery Cream are ideal for this purpose. First Aid has a strong restorative effect and can strongly reduce the burning and itching sensation of eczema. Clearity Cream is a very mild cream that is suitable for even the most sensitive skin, including eczema skin. Cell Recovery Cream is a full, greasy cream that feels wonderful to the touch and is often used as a day cream during the winter months.

Everything you need for effective eczema treatment

What to do about eczema? At Hethannahhuis.nl, we can help you further. Check out our wide range of products to see what we have ready for you. If you have any questions about the products, whether or not in combination with eczema, feel free to contact us! Or request a free skin consultation.