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hannah Oxys Genes for a visible younger skin 

As we age, the skin starts to show more signs of this. The skin slackens a little, lines and wrinkles appear, the face loses volume, and the shape of the face starts to "droop" a little more. This, of course, is something we don't like to see in ourselves.

We can do something about it ourselves, for example, by staying well hydrated, always smearing the skin with good sun protection, taking good care of the skin, and not smoking. Then there is hannah, which can give you an extra hand with the hannah Oxys Genes: a rejuvenating cream that promises to give the skin an oxygen boost.

hannah Oxys Genes, an oxygen boost

hannah didn't choose the name for this cream for nothing: oxys genes comes from the Greek and means oxygen producer. Therefore, this product gives the skin a real oxygen boost and promises that this boost causes the skin to become more vital, feel firmer and more resilient, and look fresher and more radiant.

Oxygen is not only important to breathe in, but is also very important for the skin and necessary for proper cell metabolism and cell renewal. This cream helps the skin absorb oxygen as needed. The skin has more difficulty with this after the twentieth year of life, and Oxys Genes helps the skin a hand then.


oxys genes




Grapes and shea butter

The hannah Oxys Genes packed with nourishing ingredients and substances that help improve the skin. For example, there are several oils in this product that nourish the skin and keep it soft and supple such as dicaprylyl ether (a vegetable oil that makes the skin soft and smooth), shea butter (from the shea nut tree), and grape seed oil. It also contains various silicones that give the skin a nice smooth appearance and numerous substances that help rejuvenate the skin.

All of this comes in a nice airtight container (see the photo), so the cream's effect is not lost due to unwanted air getting to it.


What does hannah Oxys Genes promise?

First of all, of course, it promises an oxygen boost, but what is all that good for?

If it all works as promised, then this cream: vitalizing, stimulating, activating, complexion refreshing, lifting, volume-boosting, protecting, intensively nourishing, softening, structure-enhancing, and mildly circulatory. Those are quite a few promises! 



Does this product work properly?

Of course, I tested this cream extensively before starting this review. No, I lie. I had the hannah Oxys Genes extensively tested by my better half. She has an older skin and really likes to test these kinds of products. The experiences described below are therefore her experiences.



First of all, the cream smells really wonderful. It has a bit of a powdery, but also fresh scent that keeps you smelling for a long time. Application to the face (obviously after a good cleansing and possibly applying Enzymatic Skin Peeling and/or Active Lotion for a stronger effect) is very easy. The product spreads easily and feels refreshing on the skin. It seems to have an immediate cooling effect: very nice in the warmer months.


The skin feels wonderfully soft immediately after application. The fine lines on the face are immediately less noticeable. After several weeks of use, the skin also looks younger looking and wrinkles seem to be less present. I dare not say with 100% certainty whether facial volume has changed, or whether the texture has improved. I wouldn't really know how to measure that myself. The other promises this wonderful cream does seem to really deliver on. I am very impressed!


I would love to say, "Great stuff, you should really try it!", but that wouldn't be very nice. Instead, I can simply recommend everyone to give the hannah Oxys Genes a try. This product does what it promises, feels great, smells good, is refreshing, and makes skin visibly younger: what more could you want?


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