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New multi talent in skin improvement: hannah Equalizer

The skin is the physical barrier between the inside and the outside and is one of the most responsive organs to external factors, including UV radiation. This affects the skin cells leading to structural and functional changes in the skin layers. Photoaging is the main consequence of repeated, excessive sun exposure. It is associated with visible changes on the skin, such as wrinkles, fine lines, coarse skin texture, lack of brightness, and pigmentary disorders.

These changes are often the signs of aging skin and force camouflage. The solution hannah has brought to the market. The new multi talent in skin improvement: the hannah Equalizer. 

Multitalent in skin improvement

The hannah Equalizer is the solution to pigmentation. The cream contains the latest high-tech ingredients that even out the skin quickly, softening existing hyperpigmentation and preventing new pigment formation. hannah Equalizer gives the skin a calm overall appearance because it also reduces fine lines and wrinkles and works ideally on impurities and their consequences.

High concentration of antioxidants

The hannah Equalizer is formulated with high concentrations of active ingredients and antioxidants, including Astaxanthin and Bakuchiol. These counteract the formation of free radicals and have moisturizing solid properties for radiant, smooth skin. 

Astaxanthin is among nature's most powerful and versatile antioxidants and works effectively against free radicals. The color of the hannah Equalizer is determined by this unique ingredient that naturally has a red/orange color. This gives the skin an even complexion making the overall appearance more rested. This makes the daily camouflaging of pigmentation spots a thing of the past and makes the hannah Equalizer multifunctional to rebalance the skin's natural resistance optimally.

Bakuchiol: vegetable Retinol

Bakuchiol is a plant-based ingredient obtained from the leaves and seeds of the resin clover (Psoralea corylifolia plant). It offers the same skin benefits as retinol but without side effects. A powerful antioxidant that visibly reduces skin discoloration caused by sun damage and external influences and counteracts the formation of free radicals.

Getting started with hannah Equalizer

The better the preparation, the more effective you can expect from treatment with this product. Therefore, applying the hannah Equalizer on cleansed, toned, and possibly s, simulated skin is important. Apply the cream directly to the skin and massage it until the skin fully absorbs the cream. Then, finish your skincare routine with an appropriate cream from the hannah Red Line.

Extra boost

Could your skin use an extra boost? For that, too, the hannah Equalizer is perfect. This cream, combined with one of the hannah serums, gives your skin the boost it needs. First, apply a thin layer of the hannah serum, followed by the hannah Equalizer. Three hannah serums are available: hannah Opulence Serum, hannah Asolution Serum, and hannah BeYOUty Serum. Choose the serum that best suits your skin condition:

Do you have any questions or more information?

Do you have questions about the latest hannah product, or are you looking for more information? If so, please get in touch with us at: info@hethannahhuis.nl. Our hannah skin coaches will be happy to help you.