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hannah clay mask for cleansed and soft skin!

It is important and good to cleanse the skin every day with a cleansing milk or oil. However, not everyone knows that it is also important to give the skin a slightly deeper cleanse two to three times a week. To help you with that, there is the hannah Cleansing Clay. This cleansing clay mask promises to intensely cleanse the skin while taking good care of it. After using the mask, the skin should feel clean, soft, and comfortable. I tested this mask extensively and in the blog below you can read my experiences with the hannah Cleansing Clay.




Let me start very superficially by mentioning how beautiful this product looks. hannah really puts a lot of work into the packaging of her products. This jar has a beautiful look because of its transparent packaging and black lettering. The lid of this mask is the real eye-catcher as far as I'm concerned. In the picture, you can see the beautiful hannah logo with the two lions in silver under a transparent lid. Gorgeous! This jar definitely does not look out of place on the sink.


hannah Cleansing Clay with two types of clay

The power of the Cleansing Clay lies in the two types of clay contained in this cleansing mask: kaolin (a type of clay, rich in silicon, among others) and bentonite (a pink clay of volcanic origin, rich in humic acids, sodium and more than 70 trace elements). These two types of clay ensure that the skin receives an intensive "detox treatment" in a gentle and mild manner. The combination of the two clays ensures that the mask effectively removes waste products, impurities and excess sebum. In addition, the product activates the skin by releasing oxygen into the skin cells.


hannah kleimasker


hannah cleansing clay kleimasker  

A clay mask for every skin type

The Cleansing Clay is suitable for any skin type, but especially for blemished and/or oily skin. Because of the anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of the two clays, it is also very suitable for sensitive and even irritated skin.

I myself have sensitive skin and have tested this mask extensively over the past few weeks. I can firmly reveal that my sensitive skin responds very well to it. 

My experience with hannah Cleansing Clay

The first thing I noticed when I opened the jar with the mask was the wonderful smell of the mask. There is some perfume in the mask, but it didn't bother my skin.

In the package, in addition to the mask, you will also find a small spatula. With this spatula, I remove a scoop of the mask from the packaging. Using the spatula prevents bacteria from your fingers getting into the container and keeps the mask good longer. I then spread the mask over my cleansed face with my (clean) hands. The mask feels wonderfully fresh on the skin.

Then it's time to let the mask dry. When I thought of a mask, I thought of one of those masks where your whole face is tight after five minutes, but this mask stays wonderfully soft and supple. Instead of drying on the skin, this mask really soaks into the skin where it can do its job.

After about ten minutes, it's time to rinse the mask off. I have found that this is easiest with a warm wet cloth (or a compress cloth). Warm water and hands can also be used to remove the mask, but it takes a little longer.

  hannah cleansing clay


After rinsing off the mask and drying my face, my skin feels wonderfully soft and fresh. I really feel like my face is well-cleansed without drying it out or irritating it.

As someone with sensitive skin who can't use masks very often, I am very happy that I got to test this wonderful mask. My skin feels wonderfully clean and soft after using the hannah Cleansing Clay and I can recommend everyone to use this mask once or twice a week for cleansed and fresh skin.