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hannah Sun Perfection

Product description

hannah Fade Treatment

Fade Treatment was specially developed for skin types III-IV, i.e., tinted to dark skin. People with this skin type tan very quickly and rarely burn, but they have a tremendously significant disposition to forming skin discolorations and pigmentation spots. This skin type, therefore, requires a relatively low degree of sun protection, i.e., a UV filter Low (SPF10). In addition, Licorice extract has been added to counteract hyperpigmentation and irritation of this skin type effectively.

The benefits of Fade Treatment:

  • Glowing from the inside and out
  • Supplementary to the natural fat/moisture balance
  • Optimizing the skin barrier function
  • Stimulates collagen synthesis
  • Blood circulation improving
  • Equipped with integrated UV filter Low (SPF10)

How to use Fade Treatment:

  • Use a protection factor that is suitable for you when staying outside for a long time. Do this generously and repeat this after two hours or more with solid perspiration and also after swimming. Please note that multiple applications do not have a cumulative effect;
  • Use Fade Treatment for skin types III-IV as a primary product, possibly over or under a suitable product, to take full advantage of the good properties of sunlight;
  • In case of pigment disturbances, apply Fade Treatment generously to the hyperpigmentations as the first product.

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