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The hannah set introduces you to...

Cleansing milk

Are you someone who suffers from sensitive skin all the time? Then the Cleansing Milk might be something for you! This product cleanses the skin extremely gently but intensively for optimal results. Due to its hydrophilic composition, this rich milk mixes easily with water after application and distribution over your skin. Because of this composition, the skin is deeply cleansed. In any case, when you use this cleansing milk, you can be sure that no irritations will occur afterwards and the milk can be rinsed off easily. Now you must be curious about the final results? After using this product, you will have a wonderfully silky, comfortable feeling and perfectly cleansed skin.

Sensitive Skin Lotion

In deze set van hannah vind je ook de Sensitvie Skin Lotion. De Sensitive Skin Lotion van hannah geeft een heerlijk verfrissende, neutraliserende en sterk kalmerende werking na het gebruik van de Cleansing Milk. Deze lotion zorgt er niet alleen voor dat eventuele restjes van de eerder gebruikte producten worden verwijderd, maar ook voor diepe zuivering en optische verkleining van de poriestructuur. Dit product kun je ook prima gebruiken als oogkompres bij de behandeling van wallen (mocht je die hebben).

24-hour Skin Balancing

This succesful basic product doesn't work only as a rich cream, but also as an intensive conditioner for your skin. The silky formula keeps your skin optimally balanced while also providing it with instant nourishment, hydration, regeneration and, not least, comfort. The added Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera improve moisture retention. Nice to know that this cream was already developed by hannah in 1979 and that you can see visible results after just a few days. Everyone wants a beautiful, healthy glow, especially now that the weather is slowly getting nicer in the Netherlands.

Vitamin Complex

hannah Vitamin Complex is an intensive moisturizer for the skin. This spray is enriched with various vitamins, has a moisturizing effect, and also provides firming and vitality with a protective effect. You can perfectly combine the Vitamin Complex with the 24-hour Skin Balancing, which allows the active ingredients of both products to be better absorbed, making both more economical to use.

This hannah set consists of four different products that form a kind of step-by-step plan for optimal results. Yet we want to give you an extra addition to this roadmap. You will not find the Enzymatic Skin Peeling in this hannah set, but it will help your skin remove dead cells by applying it twice a week. Would you like more information? Then contact us for personal advice!