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Hannah Body Shield SPF 50, your bodyguard in the sun

Het hannahhuis has a new product in its range: Hannah Body Shield SPF 50. This sunscreen offers you solid protection from the sun, while at the same time caring and nourishing the skin. Het hannahhuis asked me to test this sun protection cream and I have been doing so extensively recently. Just to give you a little hint: I am thrilled!


Sun protection

Sunshine is wonderful. Almost everyone agrees. The sun is also very good for you. Spending 20 minutes or so daily unprotected in the sun allows the body to produce enough vitamin D from the UV B rays it captures. Now, you don't have to get butt naked in the garden, but just sitting out in the sun for a few minutes is enough to make enough vitamin D for the body. After those 20 minutes, the key is to start protecting the skin from harmful UV A rays. Many sunscreens only protect the skin from UV B rays, but Hannah Body Shield SPF 50 provides optimal protection by blocking both UV A and B rays. This cream protects both adults and children from sunburn.

  hannah spf 50



hannah Body Shield SPF 50 not only provides good sun protection, the product simultaneously cares for the skin by adding moisturizing and soothing glycerin and vitamin E, among other ingredients. These active ingredients ensure that the natural moisture and fat balance is maintained and feels wonderfully soft. These ingredients also prevent premature aging of the skin by the sun.


Body Shield Spf 50  

Ease of use

In terms of substance, hannah Body Shield SPF 50 is ideal: it doesn't run off your hands or body during application, but it's also not so thick that you keep rubbing to get rid of the white haze. The minimal white film you sometimes keep seeing for a while is absorbed into the skin within a few minutes. When the sunscreen has soaked into the skin after a few minutes, the skin feels cared for and supple, without sticking. Hannah Body Shield SPF 50 provides you with perfect sun protection for two hours. Then it's time to apply another layer. You also apply another layer after swimming. In this way, the skin is protected from the harmful effects of the sun all day long.



My experience

Recently, I have been testing hannah Body Shield SPF 50 extensively. This was a perfect match for me because I have a pale and sensitive skin, and a sun allergy. I started the test somewhat skeptical. I immediately believed that this product would protect me from sunburn, but could my skin stand it? Wouldn't it make me itchy and wouldn't I still get sun allergy?

Because of my skin type, I prefer to avoid the sun as much as possible, but while testing this product, I went out into the sun anyway. I even went to a lake to scurry around and lie on a rug in the sun. And my skin? It was fine!


hannah Body Shield SPF 50 has done everything it promised and more. My sensitive skin responds well to this sunscreen and shows no irritation. I saw no trace of burn marks on my skin, and sun allergy was also absent during and after sunbathing.


In addition, the cream continues to feel fine on the skin. It does not stick at all and even when you put your feet and legs in the sand, you wipe off that sand in no time. In the hot sun, the substance of the product remains good and the tube is waterproof (yes, I tested it).

  hannah body shield

The only drawback I can think of is that the product is not waterproof. So if you've taken a nice dip, it's important to reapply to stay well protected.