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The perfect duo for adult acne, Pro Active Mask and Overnight cream

It is possible that after you turn 21, you may also suffer from acne, also called adult acne. This can be caused by stress or hormones, for example. It is not unusual for your skin to react to this. It is therefore important that with adult acne your skin care is in order.


Deployment of hannah Pro Active Mask and Overnight Cream in adult acne

At hannah, they have created two products specifically for acne over 21. First of all, we have the Pro Active Mask. This is an antimicrobial skin mask, which is made for blemished and/or troubled skin. The Pro Active Mask contains Pelavie, which reduces redness. Furthermore, the mask has a good anti-inflammatory effect. With the Pro Active Mask, hannah has also developed a night cream. The Overnight Cream. It is a night cream that prevents bacterial growth. The Overnight Cream also ensures that the skin's moisture balance is in order. This will make the skin less oily. 


These products both have good active ingredients that address adult acne well.



The structure of Pro Active Mask and Overnight Cream.

The texture of hannah's Pro Active Mask is smooth and easy to use compared to other masks. At first glance, it looks like a clay mask, but the Pro Active Mask does not harden as much as a clay mask. The mask is gray when it comes out of the bottle and this color stays that way on the skin. Apart from being easy to apply to the skin, it is also very easy to remove.


Pro Active Mask tegen Volwassenen Acne Pro active Mask Structuur


The texture of the Overnight Cream is very fine and easy to apply to the skin. The product itself is white, but when you spread it, it immediately turns into a translucent cream that absorbs quickly.


Overnight Cream tegen volwassenen acne Overnight Cream uitgesmeerd



Packaging of Pro Active Mask and Overnight Cream

Both the Pro Active Mask by hannah and the Overnight Cream, have the same white packaging. They are nice to use because of the pump on the bottle. As a result, you don't easily take too much. Furthermore, the packaging is simple but makes it clear which product you are using.

uitlooptuitje verpakking

This is how to use hannah Pro Active Mask

The Pro Active Mask, as I said, is easy to apply to the skin. First, however, make sure the skin is properly cleansed. The Prepare Potion is great for this. Before use, shake the bottle well. Then apply it to the skin and let it sit for 5-10 min. You will notice that the mask tingles a bit and may feel a bit burning. This is not otherwise harmful. When the time is up you can remove the mask with a warm micro compress cloth. Then when the mask is well off you can apply the SebuPure. This is perfectly complementary, to give the skin the proper nourishment it needs.



This is how to use hannah Overnight Cream

Then the Overnight Cream from hannah. First, cleanse the skin well with the Prepare Potion. Once you have done that, you can apply the Overnight Cream. Massage the cream well. You can then apply the Sebupure for extra results.


Finally, even though both products work well against adult acne, it is better not to use the products together. This is because there are very intense ingredients in both. Therefore, use for example, twice a week the mask and the rest of the week the cream. This will ensure ultimate results in the end.