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hannah Monster set sensitive skin

hannah Monsterset sensitive skin

The hannah Sample Set for sensitive skin contains test samples of the hannah Cleansing Oil, the hannah Clear Clearity Cream and the hannah Cleansing Clay. Do you have sensitive skin and would you like to start a skin care routine and try out hannah's products? Then the hannah Monsterset sensitive skin is the set for you to start with.


The hannah Monster set for sensitive skin contains the following products:

  • hannah Cleansing Oil (≈5ml)
  • hannah Clear Clearity Cream (≈5ml)
  • hannah Cleansing Clay (≈5ml)

hannah Cleansing Oil

the hannah Cleansing Oil is a facial cleansing based on natural oils. This ensures that the skin can be thoroughly cleaned in a very mild and effective way. This completely natural emulsifier provides a refined hydrophilic substance that cleans the skin in depth, without leaving a greasy layer. The formula also contains various antioxidants, including vitamin E from sunflower oil. These ensure that the skin surface is well protected against free radicals during cleaning.

The added ingredient 'Dermofel' ensures a high degree of tolerance through the skin (also around the eyes), so that even the most sensitive (eye) skin can be cleaned effectively. An intensely fresh, clean and clear skin and an ecologically responsible start to skin improvement!

hannah Clear Clearity Cream

The hannah Clearity Cream ensures an even, clear and remarkably calm skin with a natural, healthy glow. The skin is optimally hydrated and protected against harmful daily influences.

hannah Cleansing Clay

The hannah Cleansing Clay is a deep cleansing facial mask (detox mask) based on 2 exceptionally rich clays, namely kaolin and bentonite. These clays are rich in silicon, humic acids, sodium and more than 70 trace elements. hannah Cleansing Clay detoxifies the skin in a very intensive way, but it still feels soft and mild. The composition of ingredients allows the product to be used several times a week, unlike many peels.

This is how you use the hannah Monsterset sensitive skin

Step 1: clean your face with the hannah Cleansing Oil. You can use this product every day, both in the morning and in the evening. Take the oil in your hands and apply it on the face. Massage over the skin. Wet your hands under the warm tap and wash the face. The oil now changes in color and structure. Preferably remove the oil with a microwave compress, this stimulates the skin and increases accessibility so that the hannah products have more effect after this cleaning. Tip: eye make-up can also be easily removed with hannah Cleansing Oil.

Step 2: Pamper your face with a mask of the hannah Cleansing Clay. Apply the mask to cleansed skin. Wipe the product with preferably a Compress cloth or warm water.

Step 3: after the mask, protect your face with the hannah Clear Clearity Cream. You apply the cream to your cleansed face as needed.

The advantages of the hannah Monsterset

  • You can easily try & experience the hannah products that suit your skin type;
  • It is the first step to starting your skin routine;
  • You will receive one free facial sponge to optimally clean your face;
  • You will receive one discount code for your next order; this way you can start your (new) skin routine with a 10% discount .

The hannah Monster set sensitive skin is also available as a complete skin care set .

Skin advice

Are you unsure about your skin type and whether the hannah Monster Set for sensitive skin is suitable for you? Fill out the 'Tailor-made skin advice' form and our skin coaches will be happy to provide you with a targeted skin analysis, looking at which products are suitable for your skin (type).

Product features

Brand: hannah
Care objective: Improve hydration, Reduce Pimples & Blemishes, Reducing skin irritation, Skin tone improvement
Gender: Women, Men, Teenager
Packaging: Sample set
Skin problem: Acne, Skin irritation
Skin type: Sensitive skin
Suitable for: Face


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